A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

4 Reasons To Lay Sod

by Terri Holmes

When starting a new lawn from scratch (or digging up and replacing old, unhealthy grass), your two main options are planting grass from seed or laying down sod. While both methods have advantages and disadvantages, laying sod is often the best option for homeowners who want quick, beautiful results. Here are four great reasons to opt for laying sod:

Sod Offers (Almost) Instant Gratification

As long as your soil was properly prepared and your sod is watered adequately (both ideally taking place under the guidance of an experienced landscaping company), your new sod should take root and become an established yard within 10-14 days. Compared to planting grass from seed, which can take many months to turn into an actual yard, planting sod is a much faster process because the grass has already had time to grow and become healthy and strong before the sod is laid down.

If you've grown tired of staring at a dirt-filled yard, or are planning to have visitors or even sell your home soon, sod will provide the near-instant results you crave.

Sod Let's You Enjoy Your Yard Sooner

Because sod takes root and turns into a beautiful, healthy yard much sooner than grass seeds, you and your family can begin enjoying your new yard more quickly. Instead of having to fence off the delicate seedling grass and go to great lengths to keep kids and dogs off of it, your family can begin to walk, sit, and play on your lush new grass within weeks, avoiding the frustration that comes with seeded yards.

Sod Needs Less Water At First

Because the farmers who grew your sod already got it past the initial growth stage (which requires large amounts of water), your sod will not need as much water as a seeded yard would require. You will still need to water your new lawn often (based on a schedule set up by your landscaper) but not nearly as often as you would with seeded grass. This saves time and also reduces your water bills during the first few weeks after planting.

Sod Protects Your Soil

Sod offers immediate protection of your soil, which is especially important if you've been dealing with erosion and run-off issues. Seeded grass, on the other hand, takes so long to fill in the gaps that it offers very little soil protection until it reaches maturity.

By having a professional landscaping company lay your sod, you will have a beautiful, easy to care for yard before you know it. Contact a company like Metro Sod & Seeding Inc to learn more.


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A Spectacular Spring

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