A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Attractive Ideas For Landscaping Your Small Yard

by Terri Holmes

So, you have a small yard, either in front of your house or in back. It could be a town home yard or just a small lot. Nonetheless, you have space outside, and that's all you need to be able to enjoy outdoor living. Maximize your landscaping to make the most of your small yard.

Discovery Zone

With a larger yard, you can create a grand panoramic with landscaping. This isn't possible with a small yard. Instead, the Landscaping Network recommends planning for multiple focal points. In this case, you'll collect a series of weather-proof garden objects. You can choose a cohesive theme or keep it creative with flea market finds. The point is to turn your small yard into a discovery zone. So, you may place an antique birdbath in the center surrounded by plants that draw attention to it. However, also tuck a small fountain or other finds into the landscaping. Place the objects so that guests happen upon them while enjoying your yard.

Multi-Level Yard

Another method for maximizing outdoor living space is by creating a multi-level yard. This is one way to incorporate several elements into a small space. So, let's say you want a dining area overlooking pretty landscaping. Consider elevating the dining area. You can elevate it a single step or several. If you choose the latter, consider adding a raised planting bed a step or two below. Either way, designate a specific space for planting. With this design, you could even add a small, sunken pool. Just make sure you add visual interest at every level with landscaping or décor.

Cozy Garden

Think of the word "small" as just another word for cozy. In that case, design your landscaping to maximize the coziness factor. Create nooks to enjoy throughout the space – this is the opposite of the multi-level yard. For example, set up an arbor with plants climbing over it as a gateway to a tucked away garden. Visitors won't know how petite the garden is, so this creates the illusion of size. You can also set up a lounge area with a simple chair and accent table. Tuck this in a corner and further emphasize the seclusion with pretty plantings around the nook.

Full Landscaping

With a large yard there's lots of space to take up, so you can't easily landscape the entirety. With a small yard, though, you can create a custom vista with relative ease. Let your imagination guide you. For example, consider creating a petite Mediterranean landscape. You can easily get the Mediterranean vibe with a small tiled fountain as a focal point and landscaping around it with plants such as dwarf citrus trees, bay laurel, morning glory and passion flower.

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A Spectacular Spring

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