A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Save Water, Time, And Money By Xeriscaping Your Yard

by Terri Holmes

Did you know that the landscaping design that you choose can actually save you time and money? Xeriscaping is a landscaping design concept that started in Colorado as a concept to conserve water. While the concept isn't a good option for everyone — it's better suited to people who live in hot, dry environments — it's a great option for anyone looking for a low maintenance landscaping concept. Before you discuss xeriscaping with your local landscaper, learn more about the benefits of the concept.

Water Conservation

One of the main reasons people opt to create a xeriscaped landscape design for their yard is to conserve water. After all, when you live in a hot, dry environment, water conservation is extremely important because water isn't something that's readily available. A five-year study on xeriscaped yards was completed in Las Vegas, and the study confirmed that homes with xeriscaped yards reduced their monthly water usage by approximately 33 percent on average. During the summer, the percentage increased to around 39 percent. So if conserving water is important to you, xeriscaping is a great option. Additionally, reducing your family's water usage so drastically could lower your water bill quite a bit.

Little to No Maintenance

Xeriscaped yards are ideal for people who aren't too big on gardening or who may not have enough time available to maintain their yard. When you choose a xeriscaped landscaping design, your yard is landscaped using drought-resistant plants, which don't require a lot of care. Additionally, areas that may have originally been filled with grass are filled with decorative gravel. This means, you won't even have to worry about mowing your lawn. Because of this, there are a lot of people who live in the western portion of the United States who have opted to get rid of their entire lawn, opting instead for a completely xeriscaped landscaping design.

Unique Designs

Xeriscaping is a prominent concept in the western United States, so it's common for people to imagine traditional southwestern desert landscaping scenes when they think about xeriscaping. However, there are plenty of drought-resistant plants that you can use in your landscaping design that aren't native to the southwest portion of the United States. Consider creating a unique landscaping design for your yard by using plants from Africa, Australia, or the Mediterranean. By using different plant styles, you can easily create a landscaping design for your yard that's reminiscent to a French-style or Tuscan garden, or any other type of garden you can imagine.

Xeriscaping is an interesting landscaping concept that has several different benefits. If you're looking for a landscaping design that saves you time and money, and conserves water, talk to your local landscaper about xeriscaping.


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A Spectacular Spring

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