A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Winter Left Behind Grime On Concrete? 2 Tips To Get It Clean Again

by Terri Holmes

Snow can wreak havoc, especially if you had a lot of it throughout the winter. One thing it can leave behind is a lot of dirt and grime. If you are seeing this on your driveway ,there are things you can do to get it clean again, two of which are listed below.

Use a Pressure Washer

Before you start cleaning your driveway, inspect it first. If there are any cracks on the surface, they must be repaired before you do anything. Small cracks can be repaired using a crack repair kit. You can find this kit at home improvement stores. For very large cracks, have them professionally repaired. You need to do this because the cleaning process may cause the cracks to become even larger.

Go over the driveway with a garden hose with a spray attachment to remove any dirt and debris. Next, attach the soaping nozzle to the pressure washer wand. Fill the reservoir with the cleaner you are using. Refer to the pressure washer's manual on the correct detergent to use for concrete. Spray the detergent onto the driveway until it is completely covered.  Wait about 10 minutes to give the cleaner time to work.

Put the surface cleaner attachment on the pressure washer and go over the driveway's surface to clean it.   When you are finished, use a garden hose to rinse the detergent from your driveway.

Clean it Manually

If you do not want to use a pressure washer to clean your driveway, you can clean it manually. Sweep the driveway to remove surface dirt and debris. If you have a leaf blower, you can simply blow the dirt away.  When you are finished, use a garden hose to wet down the entire surface of the driveway.

Purchase a detergent that can be used on concrete at a home improvement store. Follow the directions on how to mix it with water in a bucket. Use a deck brush to clean the driveway, which can also be purchased at a home improvement store. Dip the brush into the cleaning solution and start scrubbing the driveway. You will need to re-wet the brush as you go.

When you are finished, rinse the driveway with your garden hose making sure all detergent is removed.

Your driveway should now look brand new. If it does not, you can hire a professional cleaner to clean it for you. They use powerful pressure washers that can get the job done.


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A Spectacular Spring

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