A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Making The Most Of A Tiny Yard

by Terri Holmes

If you lack a large yard or spacious garden, you can still make the most with minimal green space. Consider some clever ways to enhance the outdoor space that you do have, while also providing a pleasant outside living area that the whole family can enjoy.

Some ways to make the most of minimal green space include:

Plant in pots. If you don't have the room for a traditional garden, plant your favorite flowers, herbs, and veggies in containers to arrange around the perimeter of your property. This is also a good way to create privacy and a border from your neighbor's yard, too. Pick up your favorite seedlings in-season at a local nursery.

Keep the trees trimmed. Don't let shoddy branches or untrimmed trees take-up space or block light in your exterior spaces. Also, keeping the trees maintained ensures you won't run the risk of property damage during high winds or heavy rain.

Add turf or sod. Just because the yard is small doesn't mean it shouldn't be lush; invest in sod for a rich, green lawn or lay turf in spots that won't grow or that don't get enough sun.

Use pavers for whimsical pathways. Create the illusion of a larger space by using small concrete pavers to make meandering paths across your yard or property. Space these around a foot apart, and trim your driveway or entry with the same pavers for cohesive curb appeal.

Create a point-of-interest. Give your outdoor living space a sense of grandiosity with a central point-of-interest or focal point. For instance, use a spotlight to illuminate a large granite boulder, a retaining wall, or even a small flower patch. Consider installing a fountain, birdbath, or other yard-art to draw the eye and eliminate the feeling that it is a small space.

Carve out conversation space. Find a small corner of your outdoor space that you can use for your own conversation space. This may only amount to a lawn chair or two and a small table, but make it your own with colorful accents, intriguing textiles, and some unique lighting. You may find that this tiny nook is your favorite spot in the entire home!

Get it under-cover. Consider investing in an overhead structure that comes off the exterior wall of your home, and that covers the green space that you do have. While this won't increase the size of your yard, it will increase the amount of time that you can use and enjoy this space.

Talk with landscapers for routine maintenance to keep your curb appeal up to par. Make the most of your tiny yard or limited green space, and try these ideas on your property. Places like Moon Valley Nurseries can help as well.


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A Spectacular Spring

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