A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Does Your Irrigation System Have Issues? Hire A Landscaping Company To Fix Them

by Terri Holmes

Paying to have an irrigation system installed on your property is an excellent way to reduce how much time you must spend in the backyard making sure all the plants get the right amount of watering. But, over the years, the system may start to have problems that force you to turn it off. You can continue to keep your plants healthy, but it just requires you to do everything manually. After saving up enough money to get irrigation system repair, you should talk with a landscaping company, like Boulder Works, to help you handle this service.

Reassess Your Watering Needs

It is likely that your landscape will have gone through some changes since you had the system installed. Certain plants may no longer be in their old location because they died or were removed. You may have started growing other plants throughout the yard that are not accessible by the irrigation system. It is not worth having sprinklers or a drip line going through an area that has no plants for watering. But, the landscaping company can help with moving these components around or adding new ones.

Fix Broken Sprinkler Heads

It is not uncommon for sprinkler heads to break over the course of several years, especially when you have children and pets roaming around in the backyard on a regular basis. While you may have just turned off part of the irrigation system to continue using it while the other portion was still operational, you will still benefit from repairing the sprinkler heads or having them replaced if they are no longer needed. Going this route will allow you to save several hundred dollars per sprinkler head that gets fixed.

Make Seasonal Adjustments

Most climates are not consistent enough throughout the year to maintain the same watering patterns and still supply your plants with the right amount of water to avoid overwatering or underwatering. Hiring a landscaping company means you can utilize their local expertise to figure out your watering needs. They can either provide you with information on what adjustments to make as the seasons change, or you can schedule seasonal checkups to make these changes and to make sure everything is in working order.

Proper watering is one of the most important aspects of plant survival in your backyard, especially when you start planting seeds and saplings. So, it makes sense to hire a landscaping company to help with making your irrigation system operational again and better catered to your current setup.


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A Spectacular Spring

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