A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Hire A Tree Removal Service

by Terri Holmes

Trees can be absolutely beautiful in a yard, but they can also cause a lot of problems if they are not taken care of properly. Often you will see that there are trees that are planted to closely to a home or an apartment complex. There are many hazards that come from this type of tree. The first thing that you need to be worried about are the limbs falling off the tree and hurting you. The second thing that you need to worry about are the roots traveling down into your concrete foundation and causing a lot of foundation damage. You want to make sure that you avoid these hazards before they become too serious. In order to prevent this serious hazard, you are going to want to call a tree removal service. This is what you can expect when hiring a tree removal service.


Often one of the very first things that the company is going to do is to branch the tree. They want to make sure that when they remove the tree that none of the branches are going to affect the fall, or get in the way of a safe removal. In order to branch the tree they will make sure that the branches are safely tied off, and then they will cut them one by one. Often this is one of the most time consuming parts of a tree being removed. However, this is a very important step. 

Removing The Tree

The next thing that you can expect the company to do is to remove the entirety of the tree. There are a few different methods that companies will use to remove the trunk because not all trees are the same size or shape. Often the tree removal service will put harnesses around the pieces of tree and pull it a specific direction so when it falls it falls a specific direction. Another method that is common in more dangerous situations is having the tree removal service take small pieces from the top, and cut it down in chunks. 

Poison And Burial

There is no way that you want this tree to come back to haunt you. The tree removal service will then poison the trunk and bury the remains. This allows you to do what you want with the space. The removal service will also often take the tree away for you. 

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A Spectacular Spring

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