A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

3 Signs You Should Aerate And Reseed Your Lawn

by Terri Holmes

From shrubs and flowerbeds to patios and trees, your landscape design is an imperative part of your home's curb appeal and value. While maintaining these plants and outdoor living areas may be a priority, focusing on your lawn is also important. Mowing and watering your lawn regularly is smart, but you may need to complete others tasks to ensure your grass is lush and healthy. With this guide, you will learn when it is time to aerate and reseed your lawn.

Heavy Use

If your lawn gets a great deal of heavy use, the underlying soil has most likely been impacted. This decreases the amount of oxygen the grass receives, affecting the lawn's source of nutrients.

Children, pets, or machinery that is constantly moving across your lawn will require a seasonal aeration. Once aerated, you can apply new grass seed, improving the chances of establishing a thick, lush yard that can take a great deal of heavy use.

New Construction

If your home is newly constructed or you just completed a construction project on or around your yard, the ground is most likely hard and compacted from contractors, supplies, and machinery use. After the construction, consider having your lawn aerated and reseeded.

Aeration will loosen up the hard soil, allowing existing grass seed to thrive. In addition, the new grass side will have a better chance of growing success in loose soil.

Installed Sod

Considering the cost of installing sod, you may not want to aerate and reseed your lawn. However, most contractors will roll sod out directly on top of your existing layered soil. In most cases, this is suitable for establishing the sod into your lawn, but it can cause water drainage issues, as well.

If your lawn is sod, consider an aeration to break up the sod's soil and the underlying soil of your existing yard. This will increase drainage, preventing water from puddling up on your grass.


Lastly, aerating your lawn before you apply fertilizer is beneficial. The small holes placed into the lawn will allow the fertilizer to seep deep into the soil. Combining the fertilizer, water, and additional grass seed deep into these holes will nourish your lawn from the inside, promoting efficient and effective growth through the seasons.

With proper understanding, you can aerate, fertilizer, and reseed your lawn to a strong, healthy, and attractive state. For assistance, talk to a landscaper.


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A Spectacular Spring

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