A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

3 Great Plants To Have Implemented Into The Landscape Surrounding Your Pool Area

by Terri Holmes

You have your backyard oasis in place and ready for some splashing fun, but you need to make some adjustments to the landscape so you have a completed look around your in ground pool. While some homeowners forgo the landscaping around the pool just to keep things simple, having a few good plants around and some natural stone can definitely give you a well put together look.  Besides, there are some plants that make logical choices in a pool area and will flourish very well in spite of the potential exposure to excess water. Take a look at these three great plants you should consider adding to the landscape that surrounds your in ground pool:


Even though ferns are thought to be an ornamental plant, these basic but beautiful plants offer a valuable thing to the landscape surrounding the pool; they are hearty water drinkers. If you have issues with moss around your pool because of the excess moisture, talk to your landscaper about installing several ferns in that particular area and you will probably see a drastic difference. There is a whole list of ferns that grow well domestically, such as sword and broad beech ferns, so picking up a few that you like should be no challenge.


Aloe plants are a type of succulent, which means it can thrive with or without a lot of water and is extremely resilient to loads of sunshine that is probably plentiful in your pool area. This succulent will not wilt because it gets splashed with pool water on occasion and is easy to take care of. Aloe is thick skinned and grows in elongated stalks filled with medicinal clear plant material that is actually a wonderful thing to apply to your skin if you have a sunburn.

Ornamental Lemongrass

Ornamental lemongrass is just one of the types of ornamental grasses you can plant to fill in dead space around the pool or surround the stone patio that surrounds it, but this is easily one of the most beneficial. Lemongrass offers a delightfully citrusy fragrance when it heats up. While this is nice for the atmosphere in your pool area, the citrus smell can also help to deter some pests and insects. For example, mosquitoes are not fond of the citrus aroma of lemongrass, and mosquitoes can always be a concern around water. So while the thick bundles or grass are beautiful, they also pull double duty to serve your pool area well.

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A Spectacular Spring

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