A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

How To Fight Back Against Slugs

by Terri Holmes

If slugs are taking over your garden and your landscaping, you can fight back against the slugs by following the tips and steps that are outlined below.

#1 Use Predators To Fight Back

One way to get rid of slugs is by introducing predators that will fight back against the slugs for you. There are a variety of different predators that love to eat slugs and can help keep them out of your garden.

Centipedes are really great creates that love to live under stones and eat rotten wood as well as leaves. Centipedes are nature predators against slugs and will help keep them out of your garden. However, make sure that you don't allow millipedes into your garden – they like to eat plants and seedlings and will damage your garden as well.

Another great insect that fights back against slugs are carob beetles. They like to eat slugs when they are little before they get big and take over your garden. To cultivate a place for the slugs, put some straw or hay in between your beds to create a home for the beetles.

#2 Provide Other Food To The Slugs

Another way to fight back against slugs is by giving them something else to eat. One of slugs favorite plants are lawn chamomile. This is a perennial plant that slugs are very attracted to. Grow a few strategically throughout the edge of your garden, and you should be able to attract the slugs to it instead of to the rest of your garden. If you rub the leaves of the plants, it will release more odor, which will help attract the slugs to it.

#3 Create A Border

Next, you can also create a border around your plants so that slugs stay away from your garden and from specific plants. There are lots of different materials that slugs don't like to climb over. Egg shells that are both dry and clean and have the inner membrane removed present a sharp surface that slugs don't enjoy. Another material that slugs don't like are copper. You can put cooper pennies around your garden to keep the slugs away. You can also bury copper wire around your plants to keep the slugs away and wrap copper wire around any sticks that are supporting plants in your garden.

Egg shells and copper are two great ways to keep slugs out of your garden. Contact a landscaper, like Davis Landscape, for more help.


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