A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Faqs About Using Hardscaping In A Lawn

by Terri Holmes

Hardscaping allows you to take advantage of all the non-living stuff that is in your yard. Rocks, bricks, and other hard fixtures can become part of your landscaping. There is a trick to hardscaping though. If you are considering hardscaping, here is what you need to know.

What Mistakes Should You Watch Out For?

One issue that can come up with hardscaping is using poor path material. The materials that you need, whether they are pavers or bricks, need to be of good enough quality that they can support the weight of someone walking on them and beautify your yard.

Another potential issue that could occur is that the hard structures are not properly placed. For instance, placing a bench somewhere in your lawn where it is more of an obstruction rather than a useful item can be a mistake.

The various hard structures that you use in your lawn can take a toll on your grass and soil. If you have not properly prepared the lawn, the placement could crush greenery throughout your lawn, which could lead to drainage issues.

You also must be careful with striking a balance between the hard structures in your lawn and the greenery. The soft and hard need to complement each other and not work against each other. The idea of hardscaping is that it flows seamlessly with the softer elements in your lawn.

What Should You Do?

There are several ways you can make sure the hardscaping has the impact that you want it to. For instance, start by assessing your lawn. Look for materials that you can use in your design. Do not discount anything, including fountains, large rocks, and bricks.

Once you know what you must start with, you can focus on developing a theme. Choosing a theme does not mean that you must make design plans and stick with them. It is simply a starting point or an idea that you want to work from as you work on your lawn.

Drainage will play a major role in just how well your lawn looks. If the lawn is flooded with water, no one will care how well everything else looks. Start thinking about how you can divert water from areas that normally pool up.

Work with a landscaping designer to incorporate hardscaping into your lawn. He or she can add to any ideas you have and help you achieve the look you want.  


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A Spectacular Spring

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