A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Three Ways To Keep Your Shrubs Healthy And Lush

by Terri Holmes

Shrubs are an excellent addition to your yard. They add beauty, color, and visual interest. Shrubs are usually hardy too, so they'll look good through multiple seasons and last for years. Of course, keeping the shrubs healthy requires some basic maintenance. Here are three things shrubs need to have a long, healthy life.

Regular Pruning

Pruning shrubs is important, and it is even more important to do it properly. Different types of shrubs should be pruned in different ways depending on the results you want. For instance, you may want to prune flowering shrubs in a way that forces a higher production of flowers. Other shrubs may be pruned to maintain an ideal shape. No matter what kind of shrubs you have, they need to be pruned to be healthy. This entails cutting away diseased and dead branches and thinning the shrub so sunlight reaches the interior.

Fertilizer Application

If shrubs are planted in your lawn and your lawn is fertilized regularly, then you may not need to give your shrubs extra fertilizer. However, if the shrubs are set in beds, they may need to have their own fertilizer added. A good time for this is in the spring when the growing season starts. Fertilizer helps the shrubs grow faster and be sturdier. One way to tell what type of fertilizer your shrubs need is to have your soil tested so you know what needs to be added. Signs your shrubs may need to be fertilized include stunted growth, sparse leaves, and yellow leaves. However, these could also be a sign of disease, which is why you may want to leave the health of your shrubs to a professional.

Disease Treatments

Hopefully, your shrubs will stay healthy and strong. However, it is possible for diseases to infect your shrubs. These could be fungal, bacterial, or viral in nature. In addition, parasites could infect the shrubs or the shrubs could be harmed by insects or rodents. Identifying the reason your shrubs are under stress is important to choosing the right treatment. When you leave the care of your shrubs to an expert, problems with pests and diseases will be caught early and treated so your shrubs stay beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.

Your landscaper or lawn care service may provide shrub care services as part of your yard care package. If you want a beautiful lawn but you hate yardwork, or if you don't have a green thumb, then hiring a service like Yorktowne Lawns Inc is the best way to have landscaping you're proud of and that you don't have to spend weekends maintaining.


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A Spectacular Spring

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