A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Four Helpful Landscape Maintenance Tips For Spring

by Terri Holmes

As the winter weather begins to fade into spring rains, it's time to start thinking about lawn maintenance. If you don't already have a plan of action to get your lawn prepared for summer, here are a few spring cleaning tips you can use to prep your yard.

1. De-Thatch

Over the winter, dead grass can begin to form. As spring approaches, you'll want to remove this thatch from the yard to make way for fresh growth. You can perform this task with a yard rake, taking care not to disturb healthy grass. As you rake, remove any dead leaves or other debris that might have been covered by the winter snow. Once this task is complete, you can begin the task of prepping the yard for new grass growth.

2. Remove Covers

If you used covers to protect shrubs and young trees, or if you covered tree trunks with cheesecloth to keep animals from damaging the trees during the winter, you can begin to remove these coverings. Inspect each tree and shrub for damage, such as broken branches or limbs. If you notice damage caused by ice or wind, you may want to partner with your landscapers to perform necessary trimmings and repairs to keep your greenery healthy through the summer.

3. Seed The Lawn

Seeding the lawn is essential to creating a lush, green lawn. Fill in any divots or holes with soil, and apply seed generously to bare spots. You can seed the entire lawn to encourage growth even where you have some healthy grass so everything fills in evenly. If you have a considerable number of bare spots, or if you don't want to wait for growth, you may want to take this time to lay down new sod.

5. Begin Planting Bulbs

Spring is also the time you want to begin planting some bulbs to bring beautiful flowers to your yard. Clear your flower beds of any dead plants and debris, and create a planting schedule for your planting. Summer bulbs should be planted in the spring so they can begin to flower when the weather is warm. Some bulbs to consider might include dahlias, lilies, and gladiolas. If you have rose bushes, you can begin to prune them in the spring so they are ready to bud.

Work with your landscapers to schedule weekly lawn maintenance throughout the spring and summer, and use these tips to get your yard ready for the impending summer weather. To learn more, visit a website like http://allamericanlandscapedesign.com


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A Spectacular Spring

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