A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Why Lawn Care Is So Important For Preventing White Grub Invasions

by Terri Holmes

Anyone who has a large lawn has probably had to deal with white grubs in the past. These pests are very destructive for a lawn. However, improper lawn care can cause this situation to get a lot worse. Here is why you need to hire lawn care experts to take care of your grass, and prevent white grubs.

White Grubs Are Indiscriminate Destroyers Of Roots

White grubs are the larvae of beetles that have been laid in the ground. They hatch during the summer and start spreading through the ground. As they spread, they attack your grass roots and destroy them from the bottom up. Unfortunately, this may cause barren spots and mass death in your grass that makes it impossible to keep it looking beautiful.

Most lawns end up hosting a few white grubs every year, and a small infestation is usually not a huge concern. However, large and unkempt lawns often find themselves home to the largest population of white grubs. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

Overgrown And Weedy Lawns May Attract Beetles To Lay Eggs

Beetles, like most insects, don't do much care for their children. Typically, the female beetle finds a spot that looks safe and well-guarded for her eggs, lays them, and then leaves. Typically, laying areas include spots that are very grassy and well-shaded from the sun. As a result, high grass and unkempt lawns can attract many beetles to lay their eggs.

So, if your lawn hasn't been mowed in awhile or possesses several areas that are unkempt or poorly maintained, a majority of your area's beetles are likely to lay here. And, as many beetles can lay up to 300 eggs during their brief adulthood, that is a lot of white grubs to worry about destroying your grass. Thankfully, treatment methods for this problem are available.

Managing This Infestation

Destroying the white grubs should be the first step you take in managing this problem. The best way to do this is have a professional come to your yard and test for white grubs. If they find a large number of them in your yard, they will apply various pesticides to destroy them. Once all the grubs are dead, you can move on to proper lawn care.

For example, you need to start by cutting your lawn to a healthy length. A length of 1.5 inches is good, if you don't want to deal with regular cuts and want to make sure beetles don't feel attracted to your lawn. However, heights as high as 2-3.75 inches are also possible. It all depends on what kind of grass you own and the type of landscaping you perform.

So, don't hesitate to contact a lawn care specialist to do this difficult work for you. These professionals will work hard to ensure that your grass is short enough to keep beetles away. Then, they will perform other care techniques to prevent white grub invasions.


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