A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

4 Tips For Designing A Natural Filtration System For Chemical Free Pool Water

by Terri Holmes

If you want the water in your pool to be chemical-free, natural pool filtration is the best solution. Natural filtration systems consist of a combination of water features, plants and filter medium to keep water clean. With a good natural filtration design, your pool will be clean and rarely need any chemical treatments. Here are some tips to help with the design of natural filtration systems for your pool:

1. Installing Pond Skimmers to Help with Cleaning Maintenance

With a natural pool design, there are many issues why you will want to use a different type of skimmer. Pond skimmers are larger and will help keep any extra debris from plants and animals out of the pool. Pond skimmers are having the additional benefit of designs that are easy to disguise in the natural landscaping around your pool.

2. Choosing the Right Durable Pump Equipment for Natural Filtration

With natural filtration pool designs, there are different things that can be found in the water. This means that you may need to have a more durable pump to prevent problems and equipment failure. Consider pumps that are used for larger ponds instead of conventional pool pumps. The pumps are important to keep the water circulating, which helps provide oxygen to life in the filtration design and keeps the water clean.

3. Filtration Medium to Use with The Design of Natural Pools

There is also the filtration medium that you will need to have for your natural pool filtration. The medium should include gravel and sand mediums to remove large particles from the water. If you use artificial turf around your pool, these mediums can be hidden beneath the turf, which will keep them clean and out of sight.

4. Choosing the Best Combination of Plants and Animals to Keep Water Clean

The plants that you use around your pool serve many different purposes. If you want your pool to be part of the natural surroundings, there are also choices for turf and surfaces around your pool, as well as the plants that are used for filtration. Use natural plants like grasses and aquatic life and artificial turf for a perfect surface around your pool that is always green and needs very little maintenance.

These are some tips to help with upgrading your pools filtration system to a natural design that is chemical-free. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact an artificial turf service to give your pool more natural looking surroundings.


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