A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

4 Tips to Create an Attractive and Low-Maintenance Landscaping Design for Your Home

by Terri Holmes

You want to have an attractive landscaping design for your home, but this often means that constant maintenance and upkeep must be done. With a good design and the right modifications, you can improve the appearance of your landscaping and make it require less maintenance. The following tips will help create an attractive, low-maintenance landscaping design for your home:

1. Hardscaping Improvements to Reduce Plants That Need Regular Care

Adding hardscaping to your outdoor spaces is a great way to reduce the maintenance needs of landscaping. In the backyard, consider features like outdoor living space with pavements, deck surfaces, and other finished areas. You can also use retaining walls and other design features to help provide more useable space in your landscaping and reduce the maintenance that needs to be done regularly.

2. Using Hardy Plants That Require Less Watering and Care to Reduce Maintenance

Caring for plants often involves watering, pruning, and raking leaves in autumn. To reduce the amount of work that needs to be done, use hardy plants in your landscaping. If you do not want to have to rake leaves every fall, use evergreen plants. In addition, choose plants that have slower growth rates to reduce the amount of trimming and pruning that has to be done every year.

3. Replace Lawn Areas with Flowerbeds That Are Covered with Mulch Materials

The lawn area of your landscaping constantly needs to be mowed, fertilized, and watered if you have natural grass. Today, there are many options to replace natural grass to make landscaping low-maintenance. You may want to consider installing flowerbeds and using mulch to replace grass lawns. If you want to have a space to use as a lawn, there are also rubber mulches and porous pavements that can be used to replace your old grass.

4. Use Plants That Require Little Care and Help Keep Pests Out of Landscaping

There are a lot of plants that can help keep the pests out of your landscaping and your home. Consider a wild herb garden that will come back naturally every year. Herbs that can help keep the pests away include lavender, lemon balm, and different species of mints. Talk with a landscaping service about the best combination of plants for these areas to help keep the pests away naturally.

These ideas will help you create an attractive and low-maintenance landscaping design for your home. When you get ready to make over your outdoor spaces, contact a landscaping service and talk to them about some of these low-maintenance solutions.


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A Spectacular Spring

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