A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Ae You Already Planning Your Garden For 2020?

by Terri Holmes

Are you already facing cold days? If so, maybe you are longing for the warm summer days you recently enjoyed. And, maybe you are sad to see your beautiful garden already dwindling. Of course, fall and winter offer a different kind of beauty, right? However, if you are already thinking of landscaping for spring and summer of 2020, that more than likely means that you won't be too disappointed when the cold weather is behind you.

Do you already have a landscaping plan or are you looking for ideas for your 2020 garden? If so, from arranging for sod installation to adding new interest to your landscaping, here are some ideas that might help.

Arrange For Sod Installation

Was tending your lawn the past summer nothing but a pain in the neck? Maybe the grass that was initially planted never really flourished. You have probably made an estimate of the money you spent on fertilizers and maybe you are counting the hours you spent on trying to make your lawn work for you. Have you considered arranging for brand new sod installation?

If you do decide to have new sod installed, think of making your reservations now, or at least very soon. Think of how busy the sod companies will be once spring arrives. Making arrangements now will assure that your garden will be one of the first to be serviced. Will you be sodding both the back yard and the front yard?

Think of asking an agent from the sod company to come to your house to look at the area that will be receiving the sod installation. They will have the training and the experience to advise you on what kind of grass would be best for your garden. In addition, the agent will be happy to give you an estimate on lawn care to maintain the beautiful sod that is placed in your garden.

Add New Landscaping

Besides arranging for sod installation that will give you a beautiful green lawn, think of other ways you can add interest to your gardens. For instance, have you thought of having something like a multi-tiered fountain as the focal point of your garden? Maybe a gazebo would be a fun addition. 

Another idea is to include a hardscape as part of your landscape design. If you do decide to add a hardscape, consider including huge pots for flowering plants that will add color and interest to the landscape.

For more information about sod installation, contact a company like Midwest Turf.


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A Spectacular Spring

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