A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

3 Elements of Keeping up Your Property Value

by Terri Holmes

Your home and property are a big investment and can require a great deal of your time to be spent cleaning, repairing, and caring for them. Your yard's appearance can pack a big punch in the value of your home and its initial appearance, so it is a good idea to take the time to work on improvements and weekly maintenance. Here are some important elements that you can work into your landscaping this year for an improved property.

Update and Maintain Landscaping Areas

A popular way to improve the appearance of your yard is to include landscaped bedding areas full of flowers, trees, shrubbery, grasses, and other ornamental plants that are separated by an expanse of lawn. Over the soil surrounding the landscaping plants, you can install a covering mulch of wood chips to make the appearance of the soil more even and help make the soil look richer. Then, to separate and distinguish the lawn from the landscape vegetation, you can install a border material, such as brick, stone, concrete curbing or a metal or vinyl landscape border material.

Unfortunately, winter weather and other activities can disrupt the appearance of the landscaping areas and remove some of the wood chips. The landscaping fabric set below the wood chips and to prevent weed growth up through the bedding areas can become visible and get torn and displaced. These occurrences will require you to replace damaged landscape fabric and reattach loose lengths of the barrier, then you will need to keep the soil areas supplemented with more wood chips each spring or in the fall.

You can order more wood chips from a local landscape supplier or from a garden and home improvement retailer. Depending on the size of your bedding areas and how much you need to replenish them with. you will need to order a certain amount locally. Be sure you select a matching color of wood chips, such as maroon, brown, black, or green, so it matches well with the existing materials.

Protect Your Paving

The paved surfaces in your yard need similar upkeep and can include your driveway, parking area, patio, or garden pathway. Keep an eye on them and remove any weed growth that occurs through any tiny cracks. It is also equally important to repair and fill small cracks before they can enlarge into more serious damage. Not doing so can result in pavement failure, and you may need to replace it in entirety. 

Look at protecting your paving surfaces with a concrete sealant every few years. If your pavement is made of asphalt, have any cracks patched and seal the asphalt's surface with a protective sealcoating.

To learn more about landscaping materials like chocolate brown mulch, contact landscaping supply distributors in your area.


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A Spectacular Spring

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