A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Arrange For Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services For Your Neighborhood

by Terri Holmes

If you are the Home Owner Association manager, maybe one of your responsibilities is to make sure that the grounds around your neighborhood community center are always taken care of. 

The Initial Meeting - When you meet with the agent from a company that offers commercial landscape maintenance services, determine the exact look you want for the frontage of the HOA office and the frontage of the community center. Of course, you'll also want to determine what the exact cost of the service will be. You might find the the fees during the spring and summer months are higher than the winter months. 

At the initial meeting, make sure that you and the landscape agent are in agreement with everything that needs to be done. For instance, if your neighborhood has a swimming pool, maybe the life guards are in charge of cutting the grass inside of the fenced area and generally keeping that part of the property looking nice. If that's not the case, the landscapers will be happy to do that part of the maintenance, too. 

Your next meeting will probably be when the agent from the maintenance company shows you the landscape designs that have been created for each part of the ground.

Emphasis will probably be placed on the landscape in front of the HOA office and of the community center. 

  • You and the agent from the landscape company can determine together the look you want.
  • For example, maybe you want a hardscape as part of the landscape design in order to save on water costs.
  • Whether you want a hardscape or not, the landscaper will include plants that grow well in your area as part of the design.
  • In addition, if money has been allotted for new trees, the landscaper will know which ones will grow rapidly to provide beauty and shade.

Once the landscaping has been determined, a maintenance plan will be made. For instance, the workers will mow the lawns and do extensive weeding and pruning where needed. The grass will be fertilized to keep it looking beautiful, and it will be carefully checked for disease and pests. Flowers and other plants will be removed and replaced as needed.

Holidays can receive special landscaping. For instance, when fall arrives, the landscaping maintenance workers will be happy to put an abundance of pumpkins in strategic areas. After Thanksgiving, Christmas lights and other outside holiday decor can be artistically arranged. 



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A Spectacular Spring

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