A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

3 Ways to Increase Privacy in Your Yard

by Terri Holmes

All it may take is a quick inspection of your property to determine that privacy is lacking. If you plan on living in the house for the foreseeable future with your family, you should think about investing in any additions and changes that will provide enough privacy to satisfy your needs.

Hiring a landscaping company is an excellent idea because you can look forward to multiple options for getting reliable privacy throughout the property.

Privacy Hedges

If you want to go with a natural approach for increasing privacy, you cannot go wrong with growing privacy hedges along property lines. One of the major advantages of choosing this route is hedges can grow so tall while providing complete privacy without any gaps.

To make sure this happens, you need to pick hedges that will do well in your climate because healthy growth is essential if you are to get sufficient privacy. Also, you will appreciate working with professional landscaping services because they can space out the hedges enough to provide optimal coverage.


Another option for getting the privacy that your family desires is through fencing installation. This is an excellent choice when you do not want to worry about plant health determining whether you are able to get privacy, which would naturally happen when using privacy hedges.

Asking landscapers about the fence height limitations in your local area is important because this will give you valuable information that may help you decide. If you are more than content with the maximum height, you may feel confident about choosing to install a fence in your backyard.


While it may not be as reliable of an option as growing privacy hedges around your property, you should still consider trees as a tool for supplying privacy. For instance, you can pick trees with bushy branches that grow close to the ground to get similar results when compared to hedges.

This is a great option when you find most trees more attractive than privacy hedges, and you are determined to maximize your property's visual appeal. You can also choose native trees that will not be hard to maintain through the years so that you will be able to enjoy reliable privacy.

If you are looking to provide your family with a lot of privacy throughout the property, you should hire landscaping professionals that can work on any of these projects to get you results.


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A Spectacular Spring

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