A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Small Hardscaping Elements That Don't Cost A Fortune

by Terri Holmes

When you hear the word "hardscape," what comes to mind? Most people think of grand properties with large, sprawling staircases, retaining walls, and pool areas. But really, this is extensive and expensive hardscaping. If you have a smaller budget, here are a few hardscaping elements that are more realistic to incorporate.

Stone Staircases

If you have a small hill in your yard, one option is to have a stone staircase built into that hill. You could also have concrete stairs poured for a more polished, modern look. Sure, you could just walk up the hill rather than the stairs, but the stairs add a beautiful element, and you can decorate around them with potted plants or some other portable items. 

Paver Walkways

People often assume that in order to install a walkway, that walkway needs to lead somewhere. But this is not necessarily the case. You can have a paver walkway laid down through your yard rather affordably. It will divide the space and give your yard a lot more character than it would have if it were all filled with plain grass. You can use pavers with hints of color for a more modern touch, or rough stone pavers for more of a country appeal. If you have a dog, you will enjoy being able to stand on the walkway, rather than the grass, when you take them outside on a moist day.

Concrete Grill Areas

A concrete grill area is a hardscaping element that is as functional as it is beautiful. It can be as large or as small as you want. You can leave it uncovered, or you can have a pergola installed over it. Either way, you will enjoy having a smooth, fireproof spot to park your grill in the summer. If you opt for a larger concrete grill area, you can set up a table and chairs in the same space.

Built-In Benches

A built-in bench is another functional hardscaping choice. You can have a concrete bench poured directly in your backyard. Some landscaping companies may bring a pre-made concrete bench on-site and simply use more concrete to attach it to the ground. Having a permanent bench in place can save you from having to put up and take down patio or yard furniture every year.

Hardscaping elements do not have to cost a fortune or take up your whole yard. Consider one or more of the elements above for an affordable enhancement of your space. For more information about hardscape installation, contact a local contractor.


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A Spectacular Spring

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