A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Tips To Keep Your Sprinkler System Running Well With Proper Repairs

by Terri Holmes

Your yard's sprinkler system keeps your lawn and any surrounding vegetation watered all season of heat and drought. But for your sprinklers to do their job, the entire system needs to remain in good repair to stay on top of breaks and problems in the system. Here are some tips to help you make repairs to your sprinkler system to keep it running well all season long.

Watch For Problems

Although your sprinkler system contains a number of different components, a majority of damage and breaks are going to occur in the sprinkler heads and risers. The sprinklers situated throughout your sprinkler system are made up of a number of moving parts that are constantly adjusting each time your sprinkler system switches on and back off. And along with this wear, the heads are susceptible to damage from traffic over your lawn from feet, bicycles, and an occasional vehicle tire. 

Keep an eye on your sprinkler system when it is running to watch out for damage so you can repair it immediately. However, if your sprinklers are set to run in the early morning hours, you may not see the broken sprinkler and will notice the problem when your lawn begins to die in an area because the water pressure is not enough for the system to spray properly. For this reason, you may want to switch on your sprinkler system each week after you mow your lawn to simply check on its condition and its proper spray pattern.

Repair Heads

When you discover a broken sprinkler head or riser, you will need to dig to remove soil from around the riser. It is important to expose the connection point of your sprinkler head so you can remove it fully without soil getting into your line. The soil in the line can cause clogs in your pipes and problems with water pressure and spray.

Unscrew the broken sprinkler from the line and replace it with a new head that provides the same output and spray pattern. For example, if it is a rotary sprayer, replace it with a rotary sprayer, and if it is a fixed sprayer, replace it with the same capacity sprayer head. Replace the soil and the lawn back around the repaired line and turn on the sprinkler zone to check the head for proper spray.

Look For Line Damage

In addition to watching out for damage to the sprinkler heads, you should also keep an eye out for any line damage that can occur. This may happen when water in the line freezes, a tree root breaks the line, or surface pressure compresses and breaks the line. This type of damage will show up as reduced line pressure in an area of your system, even though all the heads are functioning properly. You will need to excavate the line where the pressure has dropped to locate and replace the damaged line.

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A Spectacular Spring

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