A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Five Ways To Save On Sod Installation

by Terri Holmes

Sod is one of the quickest ways to go from a bare yard to a completed landscape, but it does require more of an initial investment compared to seeding a lawn. You can ensure that you don't waste any cash on your sod installation by implementing the following tips.

1. Take Proper Measurements

A sure way to spend more money on sod installation is to buy more than you need. Excess sod typically can't be returned, so if you have nowhere to use up the extra then you are stuck with it. Measure your yard at least twice so you can verify that you have determined the correct square footage. Most sod suppliers will help you use the square footage of the lawn to determine the exact amount you need. You can always buy additional sod if you end up underestimating.

2. Choose the Right Type

Not all grass types will grow well in every landscape. Take the type to determine the shade and moisture patterns in your yard before purchasing sod. For example, if you need a warm-season grass that needs all-day sun exposure to thrive, a shade-tolerant, cool-season fescue will likely brown our or grow weakly. It's best to choose sod that isn't just suited to your local climate, but also to the specific light and moisture patterns of your home's microclimate.

3. Prepare Before Delivery

Don't wait until delivery day to get the ground ready for planting. The longer the sod sits out unplanted, the more likely that it will suffer some dieback and you may end up with wasted turf strips. Prepare the soil for planting at least one day before delivery. This includes removing any old turf, tilling the soil, and working in fresh compost or other amendments. This way you can begin installation immediately as soon as the sod is delivered.

4. Have a Storage Plan

Although you should plant immediately, sometimes life happens so you need to have a plan in place in case you can't lay the sod immediately. Generally, this means having the sod placed in a shaded area upon delivery so it doesn't dry out quickly. Further, you should cover it with a tarp if you can't immediately put it in, as this also prevents drying out. Water just enough to keep the sod moist and try to plant it within 24 hours.

5. Don't Forget to Water

Once the sod is installed, you are on the homestretch. Just make sure to keep up with the recommended watering schedule so the sod quickly roots and doesn't suffer from post-planting die-off. Water briefly for just a few minutes at a time three or more times daily for the first week, then water just enough so the soil doesn't dry out completely until the sod establishes roots.

Consider professional lawn sod installation if you want to ensure that every step of the process is done correctly.


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A Spectacular Spring

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