A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Springtime Lawn Care Recommendations To Get Your Yard Ready

by Terri Holmes

The new year is here, and it is time to look forward to the arrival of spring, which may not be too far off depending on your location in the United States. With spring on the horizon, you can start to look outside of your home and into your yard to prepare for yard clean up and lawn care practices. Here are some recommendations you can implement this spring to take care of your lawn in a proper manner.

Rake Your Lawn

As soon as the snow and ice begin to melt from your lawn, and your lawn has time to dry out sufficiently, you can take some steps to clean it of winter debris. Clearing leftover leaves, twigs, and other debris that has been left behind from fall or has collected during winter will ensure your lawn can grow in evenly. Debris left on your lawn, especially leaves, can form a hard shell over your lawn and smother it, causing it to die. You will be left with patches of bare soil in your once-healthy lawn from last season.

Use a lawn rake to pull up any debris so you can collect it, and dispose of it in the trash or your compost pile. Raking over your lawn will also lift up and loosen matted-down grass to prevent the formation of lawn mold, and can help remove any existing snow mold to keep your lawn healthy.

Remove Lawn Thatch

In the springtime, it is a good opportunity to take care of your lawn in relation to the thatch. The layer of thatch that sits below your lawn plants and just above the soil consists of a layer of materials that don't easily decompose. This includes the lawn's roots that come up from the soil and die, and also stems and rhizomes from the lawn's plant. Over time, they build up and create a thick layer that sits upon the soil and prevents moisture, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching the lawn's roots, and can cause your lawn to become thin and unhealthy. 

Use a thatching attachment on your mower or arrange for your lawn care professional to remove the thatch from your lawn. You can also use a thatch rake, which pulls up the thatch layer without harming the lawn plant. Be sure to complete the thatching process while the soil is dry and hard, so you don't accidentally pull up the lawn plants from the soil.

For more information about lawn care, reach out to a local landscaping service, like Rock Solid Services LLC.


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A Spectacular Spring

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