A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Tree Removal And Landscaping To Prepare For Spring Weather

by Terri Holmes

There are problems with trees that need to be dealt with before the weather changes after winter. Sometimes, trees threaten your property and need to be removed before the weather changes. You may also need to have other work done to the trees and shrubs in your landscaping while the removal is being done. The following tree removal and landscaping work may need to be done to prepare for spring weather:

Evaluating Trees for Problems That Require Removal

The trees on your property should be evaluated for problems before the weather gets warmer. There are several things to consider when evaluating the condition of the trees, including:

  • Dormant trees reaching the end of their life
  • Dead branches that are threatening property
  • Disease and insect infestations affecting the trees' health

These are some of the things that you want to consider when evaluating the condition of trees before the spring weather gets warmer.

Removal of the Problem Trees

The biggest concern for trees during the spring and summer months is them causing damage to your property. They can also cause issues like disease and insects to spread to healthy plants. Therefore, you will need to have the trees removed as soon as possible to keep these issues under control and protect your property from damage. When the tree removal is done, you may also want to have stump grinding done to get ready to repair landscaping in these areas.

Dealing with Hazards and Trimming Trees

There may be other issues with hazards, insects, and disease that can be dealt with by trimming your trees. Therefore, some of the branches may need to be trimmed before the spring weather. Problems that may require trimming of the branches include:

  • Branches that are affected by winter storm damage
  • Dead branches that are about to fall on property
  • Severe insect infestations and disease that affect branches

These are some of the issues that may require trimming before the spring weather starts.

Pruning to Finish the Landscaping Tree Maintenance

Once you have dealt with the worst of the tree problems in your landscaping, pruning needs to be done. It is important to wait until after the removal and trimming in case any damage is done to the trees while the work is being done. When you have the pruning done, trim all the small trees and cut fast-growing shrubs back for the warmer seasons.

The unhealthy trees in your landscaping need to be removed to protect your property. Contact a tree service to help with removals and other work that needs to be done.


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A Spectacular Spring

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