A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Recommendations For Adding Gravel and Mulch To Your Landscaping

by Terri Holmes

Your yard soil is exposed to a variety of weather conditions and elements that can put stress on your soil and strip away its nutrients before your vegetation even has a chance to use it. However, with mulch and other ground coverings, you can apply them to your yard's soil for a great improvement to the soil and vegetation. The following provides some recommendations about amending your yard's soil and landscaping for healthy vegetation growth.

Add a Gravel Covering

Gravel is a natural material to use in your yard that blends in well but also provides an attractive covering for your landscaping. You can use gravel as a covering for the soil around shrubbery, trees, and ornamental vegetation. It provides protection to the soil against the sun's drying-out heat and also protects against weed growth.

You can choose from a wide selection of gravel with different textures, colors, and protection. For example, you can choose from volcanic rock that comes in black or reddish color or rounded river rock or pea gravel. Then, there is chipped marble or decomposed granite for a surface that sparkles in the sun while it provides a covering from your garden soils. 

Plan For the Delivery

Just be sure you calculate how much gravel you need based on the size of the area and also how deep you want it to cover the soil. If you are looking to add in a gravel-covered drive or parking area to keep the soil protected against erosion, you will need a thicker layer than if you are covering the soil around shrubbery. When you place your gravel order, the gravel specialist can help you estimate your needs. 

You can order gravel to be delivered to your property. Just be sure you have a spot selected for it to be deposited. If the delivery truck cannot deposit the gravel in its final location, plan to place it on a tarp in your yard as close to its final position as possible. You can also choose to pick up your own delivery if you have a pickup truck or similar truck to haul the rock, and as long as the gravel supplier allows self-delivery of their products.

Amend the Soil With Mulch

Mulch is another option to provide protection to your yard's soil, and it comes in a variety of organic materials. This can include bark, wood chips, pine bark, wood shavings, or straw. Keep in mind that the organic mulch ground covering will break down and put nutrients into the soil, but this means that you will need to plan for its reapplication periodically. Unlike gravel as a ground covering, organic mulch decomposes and is not a permanent covering.

For more information, contact a gravel supplier.


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A Spectacular Spring

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