A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

5 Benefits Of Regular Tree Trimming

by Terri Holmes

Healthy trees are typically well-trimmed trees. Regular annual spring pruning does more than keep a tree attractive. It's a vital task to ensure the health, safety, and longevity of your landscape trees.

1. Maintain Health

A trimmed tree is a healthy tree. Dead, damaged, and diseased branches are a normal part of any tree, but they can lead to issues if they aren't removed. Annual pruning removes these dead and damaged branches so they don't harm healthy branches by breaking off unexpectedly nor do they harbor diseases and pests that could affect the rest of the trees.

2. Increase Safety

Safety is also a concern, particularly when branches pose a risk of falling on people or structures below. Branches can also grow so long that they can damage the roof, siding, and windows on your home. Regular pruning removes hazardous branches before they can cause an accident. It also removes branches that could become a future hazard, such as those that rub together and pose the risk of breaking off due to friction damage.

3. Size Management

An overly large landscape tree can crown your house, damage the foundation, or become entangled in power lines. When pruned annually, the length of the branches and the height of the tree can be maintained to a more desirable size. This will help ensure that a tree never outgrows its location. Once overgrown, it is difficult to make a tree smaller, so this is best managed by regular annual trimming from the time the tree is first planted. 

4. Density Reduction

Density is a major issue for some trees. If the crown becomes too dense with branches, then there is poor light penetration and air circulation. This can lead to an increased instance of disease as well as leaf die-off in the crown. Trimming to thin out the crown opens it up so that the remaining branches can put on healthier growth. The result is fewer branches but much lusher and healthier foliage. 

5. Improve Structure

Poor structure can lead to major issues, such as storm blowdowns and branch loss. Trimming can prevent structural issues — such as multiple trunk formation — completely if it is begun early enough. For mature trees, regular trimming can help fix these types of issues, such as by balancing out the main branches and making the canopy more symmetrical. 

Contact a tree trimming service if your landscape trees are in need of regular maintenance.


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