A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Welcome Gravel: Practical Ways To Use Gravel To Enhance Your Landscape Design

by Terri Holmes

When it comes to landscaping elements, you cannot go wrong with gravel. Gravel matches any decorating style and can be used to highlight a specific area or to visually connect various areas of your yard. Its versatility makes it at home in a garden pathway or when used in place of mulch around a flower bed in your landscape design.

Gravel in Place of Mulch  

Your landscaping contractor will determine if you can use gravel directly on top of the soil or whether it will require a landscape cloth underneath. If your area receives a lot of rain or has poor drainage, landscape cloth can prevent the gravel from sinking into the mud following heavy periods of rain.

Gravel can be used in place of mulch around trees or flower beds. The gravel stone will give your landscape a more natural look than standard mulch. Gravel is earthy and will blend in well with your overall landscape.

Gravel for a Pathway

Gravel and pathways were made for each other. From a romantic walkway through a flower garden to a rustic path that leads to a backyard gazebo, gravel will not disappoint. Have your landscaping contractor construct a gravel pathway leading through several arbors to create a pretty backyard landscape leading to a sitting area.

Plant tufts of grass along the gravel pathway for a simple look or place flowerpots along the pathway to add eye appeal to your landscape scenery. Feel free to paint arbors or choose flowerpots in bold colors, because the neutral color of gravel will provide a soothing balance when used with bright colors.

Gravel for Highlighting an Area

If you plan to add a fireplace pit, fountain, or decorative bench to your landscape, gravel is a perfect way to highlight these special elements and make them stand out. The neutral color in gravel makes it the best choice for placing around an element you want to highlight, as the gravel will complement and not distract from the element you want to showcase.

For instance, installing gravel for a few feet around a fireplace pit can make it the focal point of an entertaining area. An elegant fountain will command attention when surrounded by an area of gravel to highlight its beautiful features. Gravel placed under a bench will keep weeds down and make the bench stand out along a flower garden pathway.

The great thing about gravel is its versatility. It will look just as great around a contemporary or modern home as it will with a traditional or farmhouse-style home. It is easy to apply and will add aesthetic value to your outdoor landscape.  

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