A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

5 Design Principles To Help Create Your Midcentury Modern Landscape

by Terri Holmes

Do you own a mid-century modern home? This uniquely American architectural style has regained popularity in recent years among a more forward-thinking and environmentally conscious population. But the appeal of a midcentury modern property goes beyond the signature house style to include the landscape around it. How can you design a yard to fit your home? Here are a few important principles to keep in mind. 

1. Reflect the House. The geometry of a midcentury modern home is unique to each design. Assess your home's particular lines, angles, curves, and directions. Then base the landscape on these features, allowing it to feel like an extension of the structure. 

2. Create a Whole. Landscaping a mid-century modern yard should be done as one whole unit — front, rear, and side yards included. This is important because this movement highlights balance with nature and planning. The yard should feel well-planned, familiar, and balanced with the home no matter where you stand in either. 

3. Bring Outdoors Indoors. When mid-century modern style arrived, homeowners wanted to get back to nature by bringing it into their homes. Continue this by weaving the exterior landscape into the interior of the home. If you have a courtyard, make this a combination of the landscape design and surrounding rooms. In addition, use window walls, container gardening, similar potted plants, and coloration to meld these two spaces. 

4. Keep It Simple. Minimalism is a hallmark of this home design, and this should continue into the yard. Keep your design clean and simple. Avoid cluttering it with lots of random plants and trees. Use empty space as a design element rather than try to fill it all. And don't be afraid of using visible lines, curves, and geometric shapes. 

5. Use Repetition. Repetition is an easy way to craft a midcentury modern style. Repetition of motifs, shapes, colors, and specific plants makes the yard look clean and simplified. A specific type of repetition, symmetry, will also do much of the design work for you and cut your work down significantly. Look for ways to repeat these elements from the home itself. 

Want more ideas for complementing your mid-century modern home with a yard that elevates it? Start by consulting with an experienced landscape design service in your area. With their help and your own inspiration, you're sure to create a beautiful and cohesive design that will make your home a pleasure for many years to come. 


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A Spectacular Spring

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