A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Landscaping With Vines

by Terri Holmes

Vines can be used to add privacy to your land. They can also be used to conceal wiring, pipes, and other features that you consider unattractive. A landscaping contractor can help you select vine varieties and placement locations for them.

Leaves, Blooms, And Fruit

If you live in a warm climate that will support the growth of vines throughout the year, you will want to consider the types of leaves, blooms, or fruit that will complement your land. Vines that contain large leaves can add a lot of coverage over an archway or along the edge of an awning.

Vines that contain colorful blooms or fruit may serve dual purposes. Some flower varieties may attract birds to your yard. Vines that bear fruit will provide you with a visual display that is satisfying and will ensure that you have some fresh grapes or berries to consume on a seasonal basis.

Even if you live in a cold region, you can benefit by planting vines. Many vine varieties, including grapevines, can thrive in colder regions. These types of plants will become dormant during the winter and may possess a woody composition that lacks vibrant colors. 

The Placement

Vines grow naturally in the wild and are sometimes found intertwined with grass, trees, and other features. A landscaping crew will use stabilizing materials to train a series of vines. The roots of a small vine will be planted into the ground. As the plant matures, a series of branches may be connected to the vine.

The length of a vine will grow upward, but can be trained to wrap around a pole, a tree trunk, or another landscaping feature on your land that you would like to enhance. If you have an old barn or shed on your land and it contains some unattractive features on its exterior, you may be interested in having some vines planted next to the structure. Colorful vines that contain scented blooms will detract from the features on a structure that you are not fond of.

If you use your outdoor space while watching television programs or while dining with your family, you may have a series of wires and electrical outlets on your patio. The wires and outlets can affect the aesthetics that you are trying to promote. Ask your landscaping contractor about some vine placement options that will add brilliant colors and textures to your landscape. These characteristics will aid with concealing the electrical accessories that you utilize outdoors. 

For more information on the types of plants that would work best in your climate, contact a landscaping professional.


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A Spectacular Spring

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