A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

5 Benefits Of Dry Fit Stone Walls

by Terri Holmes

There are two options for putting in stone gardens or retaining walls — mortar and dry fitting. Mortar is easily recognized, as it uses a concrete-like compound to seal the stones together. Dry-fit walls are built without mortar, instead, the stones are tightly fit together like an interlocking puzzle in order to create the wall.

1. Minimal Foundation Work

Dry-fit stone has some flexibility. Although the stones are tightly fit so there is no risk of falling over, without mortar the stones are still able to shift slightly with natural ground movements. This shifting ability and flexibility mean that dry stone doesn't require the same depth and sturdiness of foundation to prevent cracks in the stones or mortar.

2. Long Lasting Durability

Unlike mortared stone walls, dry stone walls aren't prone to trapped moisture because there is no mortar to prevent them from escaping. Moisture is the main enemy of stone walls, particularly in winter, because the freezing and expansion of the moisture are what lead to stone walls crumbling. With no moisture concerns, it is very likely that a dry stone wall is a longer-lasting and more durable option. 

3. Environmentally Friendly

Quarrying stone may not seem like the most earth-friendly option, but at least with a stone wall, you will be using a natural material that won't one day end up as waste. Further, most stonework services prefer to use local stones for dry fitting a wall, which means that the stones will be shipped a shorter distance which is much better for the environment. Another consideration is longevity — it is much more eco-friendly to build one wall in your lifetime than to be replacing a fence every few years.

4. Simple Repairs

Maintenance is minimal for dry-fit stone walls. The walls should be inspected every month or so for loose stones or gaps. Re-fitting a stone or fitting more into a gap will typically solve the issues. Otherwise, there is very little necessary maintenance because there is no mortar to maintain and cracks are relatively rare thanks to the flexibility of the stone when it isn't held rigidly in place with mortar.

5. Overall Affordability

In many cases, dry-fitting can be less expensive than a traditional mortared wall. There are a few reasons for this. Dry fit stone doesn't require special tools or compounds to put in place, only the skills of the stonework technician. The stone is also often less expensive since a dry-fit wall can use all the odd-shaped and off-cut pieces that wouldn't work well for a uniform mortared wall. 

Contact a stonework service if you would like to learn more about dry-fit stone walls. 

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