A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Types Of Landscape Rock That Work Well In Garden Beds

by Terri Holmes

Rock can make an excellent mulch for garden beds. While it won't break down and add nutrition to the soil like wood mulch, it is far more permanent. It does a good job of preventing weed growth, and it can give your garden beds that nice, polished look. But what kind of rock is best for garden beds? Here are a few key types of landscaping rocks that tend to work well.

Decomposed Granite

You're probably used to thinking of granite as a countertop material. But while large slabs of granite are used to make tile and counters, all of the smaller chunks and pieces of granite can be used as landscaping rock. The term "decomposed granite" refers to granite rock comprised mostly of small, pebble-sized pieces. This size tends to work well as mulch since you can scoop and move it easily. Decomposed granite usually has a reddish color with some gray and tan pieces of rock mixed in. It makes for a rather warm, busier look when used to mulch your garden beds.

Lava Rock

Lava rock is formed after magma, or lava, has erupted from below ground. It has a really specific look with lots of crannies and crevices running through the pieces of rock. Most lava rock is dark gray in color, so it looks nice when used as mulch along with a light-colored house. Lava rock weighs less than most other types of rock, which makes it easier to move. If your plan is to have landscaping rock dumped in your yard so you can then move it yourself, lava rock is a great choice.

River Rocks

As rocks tumble down a river, they bang and scrape against other, larger rocks. Over time, this gives them a smooth, polished texture. You can find river rock in a variety of sizes, although you'll generally want to select one of the smaller sizes when using these rocks as mulch. Most river rock is varied in color. There will typically be a lot of gray rocks, along with some white, cream, brown, and reddish rocks. In areas with rivers running through them, river rock is often your most affordable landscaping rock choice.

If you are thinking about using rocks to mulch your garden beds, keep the options above in mind. Each one has its own, unique look, but all three rocks do a good job of slowing erosion and stopping weed growth in your garden beds 


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