A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

How To Assess The Challenges Of A Land Clearing Project

by Terri Holmes

Land clearing is an important part of maintaining or improving any property. Whether you want to clear the land to build or just to open it up, you need to think about some of the challenges that might appear. Even if you're hiring a land clearing services company to handle the work, keep these four items in mind.

Check the Property Records

The strangest things can be lurking on and under land, and this can cause serious clearance problems. For example, a property might be on top of a reclaimed garbage dump, and there may be some interesting things waiting for you when you start pulling up tree stumps and filling in the holes.

Before starting a major project, especially if you're planning to build at the cleared site, pull the property records and see if the history indicates there might be something odd going on. The records aren't guaranteed to catch every potential problem, but they may give you some warning.

Note Trees, Bushes, and Brush

You should walk through the property, at least as much as is physically possible, to see what sort of trees and bushes are there. Note how much the brush has grown. If there are spots where the brush is impassable on foot, you can expect a land clearing services firm to have to put in a lot of work and use some aggressive equipment.

Stumps can also present issues. If there are lots of stumps or even one or two huge ones, that can pose a challenge. Worse, you may have to fill in holes if the stumps come out completely. That is likely if you need to put in a foundation or concrete slab.

Identify Structures

Structures can present clearance problems. Bear in mind, the land clearing company probably isn't also a demolition business. The clearance folks can get rid of debris from the remnant of buildings or old sheds, but they're probably not taking down multistory structures that are still largely intact.

Deal with Trash

Unoccupied spaces also frequently collect trash. This can happen through deliberate action such as someone literally using the site as a dump. It also can happen through accumulation over time as wind and rain cause debris and garbage to collect.

Depending on the previous usage of the property, there may be some dangerous stuff present. Note where there are chemical smells. Likewise, look for watery areas that have the sheen of oil. Disposal of these materials may pose some distinct challenges, especially if there are regulated hazardous materials present.

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