A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Changes That Retaining Wall Installation May Bring

by Terri Holmes

A retaining wall solves multiple problems at once and brings a few additional benefits. The walls hold back unstable soil and level hilly yards, and depending on how the walls are configured, they could provide additional seating by doubling as benches if they are fairly short. Adding a retaining wall to your yard looks like it would be simple. However, the installation of the wall can contain some surprise changes that you might not have realized were needed. These won't stop you from building a retaining wall in general, but you may end up with slightly different landscaping plans as a result.

Drainage Paths Will Change

When you flatten a hilly yard, the drainage paths for runoff will change. The water won't just flow down the newly shallow expanse in a flat sheet; it will find small depressions and eventually create its own pathways that erode the soil. You'll need to direct runoff to where you want it to go, which means retaining wall installation may require the installation of drains or the creation of specific pathways for the water. The wall itself will need to include drainage strategies for all the water soaking the soil behind the wall; porous walls are one method, as is creating more drains above the wall.

You May Need a Thicker Wall Than You Had Planned For

Maybe you loved the narrow cement blocks you saw in a picture in a home improvement magazine, or you thought you could have a retaining wall with wood planks holding everything back. Instead, you may need a much thicker wall that can withstand the weight of all the soil, and occasionally rainwater, that will sit behind the wall. While the thickness of the wall isn't the only thing that contributes to the wall's strength, it certainly helps.

Plans May Change Depending on Utility Lines

Retaining walls have to be installed in the ground, not on it. Generally, the higher the wall, the deeper the base has to be installed in the ground, to help the wall brace against all that soil. If there are utility lines or pipes in the area where you want the wall to go, you may have to have the company change the plans for your retaining wall and landscaping. You don't want to dig down and cut gas lines, for example.

The company that installs the retaining wall can help you with all this and more, such as getting permits for the wall if your city or county requires them. Whatever happens, a well-built retaining wall will make your yard so much nicer to be in and much easier to landscape.

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