A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

What Professional Care Does An Apricot Tree Need?

by Terri Holmes

Did you recently move to a property with an apricot tree on it? You might be excited to have a tree that will not only greet you with pretty blossoms each spring but also bear fruit every summer. Apricot trees are not the most demanding of fruit trees, but they do require some care in order to remain healthy and keep producing fruit. Here are the key professional tree care services you'll want to arrange.

Deep Watering

Apricot trees require a lot of water to produce abundant fruit. However, you don't really want to get the leaves of the tree too wet as this can make fungal diseases more likely. Tree care companies can provide a service called deep watering to ensure the apricot tree has all the water it needs. They typically do this during the dry months. They'll dig down and inject water into the soil closer to the tree's roots. Once this is done once, there will be an access hole that the tree care company can use for deep watering again and again.

Fungicide Sprays

As mentioned above, apricot trees are prone to certain fungal diseases. A tree care company can come spray the tree with fungicides a time or two throughout the season. This ensures that if a fungal spore or two lands on the tree, they won't develop into a full-blown infection. The best time to spray an apricot tree is usually right when the buds set, which is early in the spring. Depending on the climate in your area, the tree care company may want to come spray again once the fruit sets in later spring.

Tree Trimming

For many trees, tree trimming is mostly about keeping them in a nice-looking shape. But with apricot trees, trimming is about tree health. The tree care company will thin out the branches to make sure each one gets good airflow. This helps prevent infections, which thrive in moist leaves where there's little airflow. Trimming also makes sure none of the branches are so heavy that they start losing and dropping fruit. Most apricot trees should be trimmed once a year during early spring before the buds appear. 

Now that you have a better idea of the care an apricot tree requires, you can give a tree care company a call. If there is anything else they think your apricot tree needs, they can let you know.

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