A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Tips For A More Successful Sprinkler System Installation

by Terri Holmes

A yard that receives regular irrigation is going to make your property look better, especially when the irrigation occurs without you having to carry a hose around the yard manually. If your yard does not include an irrigation system, you are missing out on water-saving elements that a system can bring you along with the time-saving convenience, making it a good set-up option for your property. The following provides you with insight to help you install a proper sprinkler system for your property.

Evaluate Your Water Source

Before you can start to install a sprinkler irrigation system, you will need to take some time to evaluate your property, its needs, and your property water system capacity. You will want to understand how much water pressure you have to use within your yard and know how it can be divided up into zones by watering your property. 

The type of sprinklers you choose for your watering system will determine how many you can set up on your irrigation system and run at one time. For example, you can install more low-flow sprinklers in one zone to spray at the same time than you can with more high-flow sprinkler heads. So make sure you measure your property's irrigation water source to see what the water pressure amount is. You can use a measuring device on your outdoor water source to measure the pressure of your home or a water pump to measure the gallons per minute (GPM) that come from the source. 

Select the Sprinkler Heads

Once you have figured out how much water pressure you have to work with, you will need to choose the type of sprinklers you want to install. Recognize that low-flow sprinklers will use less pressure and allow you to place more heads per zone, but you will need to run the zone longer so you can get sufficient irrigation to that area. And also remember to keep the sprinkler heads all at the same flow rate in each zone. For example, don't place two low-flow heads with a high-pressure head in one zone because the water delivery will be unequal during the spraying time. 

It is also a good idea to use the same brand of sprinkler heads throughout your system. This helps you with the maintenance of your sprinkler system and when you will need to replace any broken heads.

Plan the Layout

As you plan for the layout of your sprinkler system, look at your yard's layout, the type of vegetation you want to irrigate, and how often each area will need irrigation. Some plants and vegetation will need more water and others will need less, especially during cool temperatures or high heat.

For more information on sprinkler system installation, contact a professional near you.


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A Spectacular Spring

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