A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Have Fun With Landscape Rock

by Terri Holmes

You can find landscaping rock in so many types, sizes, and shapes that you can use it throughout your landscape in many ways to achieve the aesthetics you want. This article can help to give you some ideas regarding some different ways you can be using landscaping rocks throughout your yard. Read more regarding this below.

Have a waterfall built

There are so many options when it comes to how a waterfall and pond are built. However, one way is to use rocks to build the waterfall and line the pond. Landscaping rocks can also be used to create the edge of the pond for a nice touch. There are so many great things that can come with the addition of a waterfall in the yard. Some of the benefits of a waterfall and pond can include: 

  • Have a beautiful focal point in the yard
  • Have the option to add fish to the pond
  • Enjoy watching the waterfall as the water moves down it
  • Listen to the relaxing sounds of the water
  • Have an outdoor space to de-stress after a stressful day or event
  • Open the windows in the house and hear the waterfall from inside

Have pathways put in

Landscaping rocks can also be used to create some nice paths throughout the property. Flat stones can pave the walkways. Then, larger stones can be used along the sides to create visual borders. This can help you to see where the pathways are throughout the property because you will be able to see the larger stones that line them from a good distance. Creating paths in this way is fun and it also helps to give the yard such a great look. 

Create borders in the yard

Landscaping rocks can be used to create borders in your yard. You can use large rocks to put borders around large trees and other areas. You can use smaller ones to put a nice-looking border around places like the flower beds. You can even use gravel to create specific areas throughout the landscaping, such as separate sitting areas. You can get gravel in just about any color, too. This means you can really create the look you want in each area you use it in. 

Create unique designs

You can have a lot of fun with landscaping rock. You can plan out a large rock garden, you can use large boulders just to add that special extra touch to certain areas. You can use various colors of rock and gravel to create scenes, such as a dry riverbed going through the yard, or even a blue river. You can really get creative and have a fantastic time making your perfect yard with landscape rock.


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A Spectacular Spring

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