A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Landscaping Design Ideas For Older Adults

by Terri Holmes

Getting older has its challenges. As you become less mobile and less interested in doing physically demanding tasks, it is important to make sure your home continues to suit your needs. This includes your landscape. At this life stage, you generally don't want flowers that you have to bend down and trim every week. You don't want a tree that has branches that will fall on you. So, what do you want? For starters, a landscape that incorporates some of the following design elements should work well.

Good Lighting

Find ways to incorporate lighting into your landscape design. This will make it easier for you to see when you are outside after dark. It also makes it safer for you to walk through the yard and do things like water plants or shovel the driveway when it's dark outside. Some solar lights pushed into your garden beds are a good starting point. If you ever have some hardscaping work done, consider having your landscape designer incorporate a few lights into the concrete stairs, benches, or patio barriers they install.

Elevated Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are excellent for older adults. You can grow the vegetables and herbs you want without having to kneel down or bend down. Your landscape designer can include one central elevated bed in your landscape design. Or, they can incorporate a couple of smaller garden beds, each of which you can use for a different purpose. There are plenty of ways to make elevated garden beds decorative, too. You can have them built from colored or stained concrete, or you can place potted plants at each corner for pops of color.

Rock Mulch

Rock mulch may initially seem like a poor choice because it is so heavy. But if someone else, like a professional landscaper, can put it in the beds for you, then you're golden. Rock mulch does a better job of preventing weeds from growing. It does not need to be topped off or replaced every year like wood mulch. It also stays looking nice without the need for much maintenance on your end. Unlike with wood mulch, you won't have to wash stains off the siding or concrete.

As an older adult, it is important to take your age into account when having a landscape designed. Lots of lighting, rock mulch, and a few raised garden beds can all be good options. Contact a landscape design service for more information. 


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A Spectacular Spring

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