A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Got A Rotting Tree In Your Yard? 4 Reasons To Consider Having It Removed

by Terri Holmes

Trees have many benefits. When a tree is healthy, it can provide shade, fresh air, and beauty to homes and businesses. However, when a tree is no longer healthy, it can become hazardous. That's why it's important to consider having a rotting tree removed from your yard by a professional tree removal service. If you have a tree that is rotting in your front yard or backyard, consider these four reasons for tree removal.

1) Rotting trees may contain diseases and pests

When a tree is rotting, it can become susceptible to disease and harbor invasive insects and other unwanted creatures. These infestations can spread to other trees in your yard, causing additional damage and requiring more costly remediation. That's why it's vital that you consider using a tree removal service as soon as you notice problems with any of the trees in your yard, even if you only have issues with one of them.

2) Rotting trees are unstable and dangerous

When a tree begins to rot, its roots become weak and the tree itself can become unstable. This makes it a hazard to those in the area, as strong winds or gusts of wind can cause it to collapse. The tree may fall on your home, vehicle, or even you or a neighbor. Tree removal services are experienced in safely removing unstable trees so that you don't have to worry about them causing any harm or damage.

3) Rotting trees can cause damage to your property

Rotting trees can cause more than just physical harm; they can also compromise the structural integrity of your building or landscape. The decaying matter that a rotting tree produces, such as roots and branches, can create sinkholes in your yard, damage your foundation, and even clog up gutters. 

4) Rotting trees can affect your home's curb appeal

Rotting trees can be an eyesore, robbing your property of its beauty and value. Not only that, but neighbors may also be affected by the rotting tree's unsightly appearance. To restore your property's aesthetic appeal and increase its overall value, hire a professional tree removal service to have the tree safely removed and disposed of properly.

Having a rotting tree in your yard can be dangerous, cause damage, and detract from your home's appearance. To keep you, your property, and your neighbors safe, it's important to consider having the tree removed by a professional tree removal service. Reach out to a local tree removal service to learn more.


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