A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Reducing The Presence Of Mosquitoes On Your Property

by Terri Holmes

Mosquitoes can be pests that can cause irritating bites, and they may spread disease. Unfortunately, you may be making some errors that could be helping to increase the prevalence of mosquitoes on your property.

Letting The Grass Get Tall

Allowing the grass to grow very tall is an especially common mistake that people will make with their property. This can provide mosquitoes with shelter and areas to rest. Unfortunately, this could provide cover for the mosquitoes which may allow them to target your legs without you realizing it. Making sure to keep the grass a few inches tall or shorter can help to make your lawn less hospitable to mosquitoes.

Failing To Address Drainage Issues

Drainage issues with the lawn can be another contributing factor that could make this area suitable for mosquitoes. These pests will thrive in areas where there is standing water present. A lawn with poor drainage can have areas that may retain puddles or stay damp for multiple days after heavy rains. These areas should be addressed if the mosquitoes are to be denied this habitat. Addressing these drainage problems may require some landscaping changes to be made to the yard, but reducing the mosquito population by a significant amount could offset the aesthetic changes and costs that may be required.  

Not Treating The Lawn For Mosquitoes

Some homeowners may simply fail to appreciate that there are professional pest control services that can treat lawns for mosquito problems. This will involve the application of pesticides that can neutralize the mosquitoes in the area, and these substances will be able to also eliminate any eggs that may have been laid. While it is not possible to fully eliminate mosquitoes from your property, having the lawn regularly treated for mosquitoes can significantly reduce their presence on your property throughout the months when they are active. However, you may need to have these treatments applied every month or two in order to sustain these results.

There are many homeowners that may be frustrated by the number of mosquitoes that are on your properties. For these individuals, making sure to avoid some common lawn mosquito control mistakes can allow them to better protect their property against these disease-carrying pests. In particular, maintaining the height of the grass, addressing any drainage problems in the lawn, and hiring a professional pest control service to treat the lawn for mosquitoes during the spring and summer months are the types of actions that can help you with this goal.

For more information about lawn mosquito control, contact a local company.


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