A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Planting Peace: Add Serenity To Your Outdoor Space In 2023 With A Calming Landscape Design

by Terri Holmes

If you are looking for ideas for a new landscape design, new trends for 2023 will not disappoint. The focus is all on creating outdoor spaces where relaxation and stress relief is key. The connection between improved health and gardening is at the center of these new designs and you are sure to find a few elements to create your own peaceful haven.

Pretty and practical gardens

The homesteading movement has remained strong since the onset of the pandemic started, as homeowners are finding contentment in growing their own food and flowers for decoration. Adding both a cutting garden with colorful flowers and a vegetable garden to your landscape is a great way to relieve stress and have plenty of flowers, healthy fruits, and vegetables to share with your neighbors.

Create a wildlife sanctuary

What could be more peaceful than watching colorful birds and butterflies in your backyard? Designing a landscape that provides water, shelter, and food for birds will guarantee you won’t lack birds to enjoy watching in your outdoor space. Planting bushes and plants that attract butterflies will not only help preserve these species but will provide you with a magical show as you watch these interesting creatures fluttering between your plants and flowers.

Prefabricated sheds

Creating your own private getaway is all the rage in 2023. Adding a prefabricated shed to your outdoor space will give you a place to shelter from the elements and will give you all the privacy you need for relaxing. Add a comfortable chair, chaise lounge, and a small table to your shed for writing, working on a puzzle, or enjoying your own private tea party.

Surrounding your shed with trees, bushes, and greenery will make it resemble a tropical retreat or mountain getaway. Adding flower boxes to your shed windows will add a touch of charm to your little hideaway.

Add a plunge pool

Plunge pools are one of the new trends you can look for in 2023 landscape designs. These smaller pools add beauty to a landscape without taking up a lot of space like a large pool. They are great for cooling off while enjoying your favorite beverage with friends.

Having a well-designed landscape means being able to entertain or rest in the comfort of your own outdoor space with ease. From serene plunge pools to lush gardens, designing your landscape with serenity at the center is a wise investment in your and your family's health and well-being.

To get stated, contact a professional landscaping service in your area.


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A Spectacular Spring

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