A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

3 Benefits Of Adding A Waterfall To Your Swimming Pool

by Terri Holmes

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool, then you might be thinking about adding a waterfall. While waterfalls make pools look more attractive, they also have some other benefits. What are they?

1. Extra Filtration

Regular swimming pools use filters to keep their water clean. As water in a regular pool is usually static, you might have to run your filtration system a lot of the time even if you aren't using the pool. If you don't, then you will have to deal with debris such as leaves that land in the water.

This increases your pool running costs. You'll use more energy if your filtration system runs constantly. Constant use also shortens the life of filtration systems and parts.

Pool waterfalls automatically filter water as they work. If your waterfall runs even when you aren't in the pool, then it will also do some useful filtration work for you.

For example, it will remove debris even if your general filters aren't running. This reduces your filtration costs and helps keep your water clean.

2. Protection Against Algae

You won't necessarily use your pool all the time. However, standing pool water that isn't being pumped or filtered can develop algae problems.

If your pool's water doesn't circulate regularly, then algae can settle on the bottom and sides of your pool. It gets the chance to grow and spread because your water is still and doesn't wash it away.

Pool algae creates extra maintenance work; it can also become a safety hazard. For example, it makes the floor of a pool slippery. So, you have an increased risk of accidents. It can also give you uncomfortable skin conditions and, in some cases, can cause bacterial infections.

So, you'll have to spend time cleaning algae off your pool. This adds to your maintenance jobs and costs.

Pool waterfalls move constantly. They help keep the water in your pool in motion even if its other systems aren't turned on. If you keep your water moving, then algae shouldn't settle on your pool's surfaces.

3. Stress Relief

Your pool has more health benefits than exercise. You might also find it relaxing to sit around your pool and enjoy the sun. Water has a calming effect.

A waterfall increases this effect. The natural sounds it makes as it runs are like white noise. You will find it easier to destress and relax in this soothing environment.

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