A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

4 Tips For A Kid-Friendly Yard

by Terri Holmes

Creating the perfect backyard landscaping plan can be a bit more challenging if you want it to be a safe and fun place for your children to play. Fortunately, there are a few key things you can do to help ensure any landscape design plan you make is kid-friendly.

1. Avoid Toxic Plants

Some plants simply aren't well suited to the yard if children will be present. Avoid any plants that feature toxic berries or flowers, as these are the parts a child is more likely going to be tempted to eat. Plants that can cause topical irritation should also be avoided, including those that cause rashes as well as those with thorns. Your landscaper can provide you with a list of kid and pet-safe plants that you can choose from.

2. Protect Water Features

Water features are a nice addition to any landscape design, but special care is needed if you have children that will play nearby. Disappearing features eliminate drowning concerns, as the water is only visible when it's flowing down a waterfall or streaming out of a fountain. Instead of collecting in a basic, the water in these features filters through a rocky bottom so there is never any standing water. Alternatively, screen over basins in fountains and ponds so kids can't fall in but the water is still visible.

3. Cushion Play Areas

Play sets around the yard can add a lot of fun to your landscaping design, but some steps should be taken to prevent injury. Although a grass lawn is pretty, it will often wear sparse under a play structure so that there is only hard ground to cushion any falls. Instead of a lawn, consider adding a mulch bed under play sets. You can use wood mulch that has been shredded to a soft consistency, or consider opting for rubber mulch for ultimate longevity and cushioning.

4. Minimize Trip Hazards

Edging and borders help make your various landscaping beds look neat and cohesive around the yard, but they can pose a tripping hazard to small feet when your children are running and playing. Instead of the traditional narrow edging options made of plastic or brick, consider concrete curbing instead. This type of edging is much wider so it's easier to see and avoid. Plus, the curbing is gently rounded at the top so that it doesn't pose as severe of a hazard as some other edging options.

Contact a landscape design service for more help when it comes to designing a kid-friendly yard.


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