A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

Hardscape Additions For Patron Usage And Appreciation

by Terri Holmes

Choose some hardscape additions that will improve the use value of your dining establishment. The upgrades will supply functional and attractive areas for patrons to walk, relax, and sit upon.

Use Of Space

Assess the current manner in which outdoor property is utilized. This will have a bearing on your hardscape design. If you own beautiful perennials that bloom during the spring or summer, for instance, you may want to coincide one or more of the new hardscape features with the landscape ones.

The landscape displays that are on your land should balance with any of the hardscape ones that you decide upon. For this reason, it is a good idea to measure flowerbeds, bushes, and other displays that contain landscape materials.

These measurements will be useful when it comes time to order the actual hardscape materials that will be used to complement the landscape materials. Assessing the measurements will prevent you from ordering pavers or patio stones that are much too prominent or diminutive in size.

Weather Patterns

Use the weather patterns that are noted for the region to help you choose some hardscape products that will be suited for the environment.

If a lot of rain is experienced, deciding to use porous pavers or patio slabs could be of great benefit. Either of these types of hardscape materials will prevent excess rainwater from accumulating on the hardscape surfaces.

Weather patterns may also influence the colors and textures of the hardscape materials you use. If your dining establishment is located in an arid region, for example, you may want to use some clay tiles and other hardscape materials that will be aesthetically pleasing for a desert-like region.


Accessibility plays a big part in whether or not your dining establishment thrives. Inspect the parking area, walkways, and patios that are already available for use. If any of these features could benefit from being upgraded, choose some hardscape materials that will be complementary to the ones that are already on the premises.

Adding hardscape walls, footpaths, and expanded dining areas to your property can make it much easier for your customers to navigate your property and enjoy the scenery and functionality of the outdoor space.

Maintenance Concerns

If maintenance is going to factor in on which types of hardscape materials you choose, compare various hardscape materials. Materials that are nonporous and that contain a smooth, stain-resistant surface will not be difficult to clean throughout the year.

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A Spectacular Spring

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