A Spectacular Spring

A Spectacular Spring

  • Hardscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

    If you have always been at odds with your small backyard and assume that many of the landscaping plans that your friends and family have implemented in their backyards won't work with your limited square footage, you can be reassured that you can still achieve a beautiful landscape. This includes hardscaping, which involves using pavers, brick, and other non-living materials to landscape your property. Luckily, with some planning and the right materials, you can utilize hardscaping in your smaller backyard.

  • Changes That Retaining Wall Installation May Bring

    A retaining wall solves multiple problems at once and brings a few additional benefits. The walls hold back unstable soil and level hilly yards, and depending on how the walls are configured, they could provide additional seating by doubling as benches if they are fairly short. Adding a retaining wall to your yard looks like it would be simple. However, the installation of the wall can contain some surprise changes that you might not have realized were needed.

  • Tree Removal Services: 4 Benefits You Achieve from Grinding Your Tree's Stump

    Tree stumps take away from the overall beauty of your property. They can also be extremely dangerous because someone can trip on them and acquire serious injuries. Sometimes, they decompose and get holes, making them perfect nesting places for wild animals like squirrels and other rodents. They can also harbor termite nests and other vermin. Therefore, you should consider grinding your tree stumps immediately after you notice that they have become a hazard in the yard.

  • How To Assess The Challenges Of A Land Clearing Project

    Land clearing is an important part of maintaining or improving any property. Whether you want to clear the land to build or just to open it up, you need to think about some of the challenges that might appear. Even if you're hiring a land clearing services company to handle the work, keep these four items in mind. Check the Property Records The strangest things can be lurking on and under land, and this can cause serious clearance problems.

  • Types Of Landscape Rock That Work Well In Garden Beds

    Rock can make an excellent mulch for garden beds. While it won't break down and add nutrition to the soil like wood mulch, it is far more permanent. It does a good job of preventing weed growth, and it can give your garden beds that nice, polished look. But what kind of rock is best for garden beds? Here are a few key types of landscaping rocks that tend to work well.

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A Spectacular Spring

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